Royal Crown Construction is one of the most efficient and reliable excavating contractors in GTA. With a full range of excavating services and an expert team of highly skilled professionals equipped with the latest in excavation technology, we offer a seamless and smooth experience for clients.


Our earthworks services provide end to end solutions from tree clearing, to trenching, and more. Royal Crown Construction’s additional earthworks services include drainage and pipe laying for stormwater, sewerage, and water main structures. No matter the size of your project, we ensure a superior, affordable, and efficient service.

Clearing and Grubbing

Land clearing and grubbing is generally a surface operation that consists of cutting and removing all trees, stumps, roots and other debris from the site. Land clearing may also include the removal and disposal of unwanted structures such as old foundations and structural concrete. In special circumstances, unwanted or abandoned utilities such as old water and sewer lines may also be removed as part of the land clearing process.

Site Preparation

Site prep is the conditioning and preparation of a construction site. This happens after the design of a project and before its Construction. The range of activities involved in this initial phase ensures a stable foundation for your structure. It makes sure that the site conditions enable the successful development of the project. 

Gravel Roads

Royal Crown Construction has the tools and ability to build gravel roads resulting in comfortable driving for many years.  Understanding the ground we are working on is essential in establishing the right foundation and using the right materials in the construction of the road. We bring to bear our grader, roller, excavator, gravel truck to make the job happen.


Trenches are one of the most challenging fields to excavate. These are much longer yet narrow pathways that require you to work in a restrictive space. Trench excavations are a frequent occurrence in construction. Various excavations are done for the pipe trenches and utility trenches. In some cases, deep trench excavations are done to strengthen the foundations.

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